Survivor of SC plane crash that killed two focusing on ‘second chance’ at life

Steve Rose, center, talks to City of Greenville firefighters who helped rescue him and his wife from a plane crash.
Steve Rose, center, talks to City of Greenville firefighters who helped rescue him and his wife from a plane crash. Greenville Police Department

In late September, a plane crashed at a South Carolina airport killing two of the four people on board.

On Monday, one of the survivors got to meet many of the first responders who helped save him and his wife.

Florida residents Steve Rose and his wife Marci Wilhelm were passengers on a plane that was torn apart after crashing through a fence at the end of a runway at Greenville Downtown Airport. The pilot and copilot were killed in the wreck that remains under investigation.

In spite of “numerous and still painful injuries” suffered in the crash, some of which were being treated by a back brace and a walking boot he was wearing, Rose visited Fire Station No. 1. There he greeted and thanked “Greenville City firefighters, police officers, communications personnel, paramedics, deputy coroners, and aviation technicians,” the police department posted on Facebook.

During the meeting, Rose “shared heartfelt appreciation” to the first responders. Wilhelm was not there but Rose “shared her deep appreciation.”

Rose said he and his wife are focusing “on being extremely lucky and choosing to be positive in their second chances at life,” the Facebook post reported.

According to the police, Rose learned how he and Wilhelm were extricated from the crash, as firefighters tried to secure the scene of the crash as the “engine remained running and jet fuel poured out of the damaged aircraft.”

In addition to thanking the responders, Rose expressed his sorrow to the families of the pilots who were killed in the crash.

Pilot John Caswell, 49, and co-pilot Stephen Fox, 66, were killed in the Sept. 27 crash. Fox Carolina reported Caswell died at the crash site and Fox was taken to the hospital but later died.

According to the Facebook post Rose and Wilhelm said “everyone in Greenville has been — and continues to be — amazing during their recoveries.”

The plane crashed through the fence at the end of the Greenville Downtown airport runway and is spilling jet fuel creating a hazmat situation.

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