2 incumbents lose, 3 don’t run in Lexington County school board elections

People vote at A.C. Moore Elementary School in Columbia. 11/6/18
People vote at A.C. Moore Elementary School in Columbia. 11/6/18 tglantz@thestate.com

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, two incumbents lost in Lexington County school board races Tuesday night, and three did not run in Lexington 1.

Lexington 1 (town of Lexington, Pelion, Gilbert areas)

Newcomers Tim Oswald, Jada Boatwright Garris, and Kyle Guyton won in the races for three open seats on the board.

None of the three incumbents in those seats — Chairwoman Debra Knight and members Sandra Bachman and Bradley Pitts — sought re-election.

Trailing were Reese L. McCurdy and Chris Rice. Kevin Scott Vaughn dropped out of the race.

Lexington 2 (Cayce-West Columbia)

Newcomers Cristina Fitts Rucker and Bud Summers as well as incumbent Linda Alford-Wooten won the three open seats over incumbent Brad Giles, frequent board critic Wayne Roy McKim and Michael John Neal.

Lexington 3 (Batesburg-Leesville)

Frances Bouknight along with incumbents Gariane P. Gunter and Cheryl A. Burgess won their races for three open seats, defeating Billy Berry and Eddie Cogdill.

Lexington 4 (Gaston-Swansea)

Challengers Donna Franklin Goodwin joined incumbents Zachary “Coach Zack” Smith and Brad Frick to win three open seats, beating incumbent Sadie Kirkland Wannamaker and challengers Viola Frances McDaniel and Robert B White III.

Lexington-Richland 5 (Irmo, Chapin, Dutch Fork)

Incumbent Jan Hammond and newcomer Ken Loveless led defeated Ellen Baumgardner in the race for two district seats. The school district also had two open district seats in Richland County.

Editor’s note: These results are from 101 of 101 precincts reporting countywide.

Lexington 1 school board

Three seats open

  • Jada Boatwright Garris 15,225

  • Richard Kyle Guyton 15,902

  • Reese Lassiter McCurdy 11,680
  • Timothy Franklin Oswald 17,761
  • Robert Christopher Rice 14,411

  • Kevin Scott Vaughn Dropped out

Lexington 2 school district

Three seats open

  • Linda Alford-Wooten (I) 6,464

  • Brad Giles (I) 5,247
  • Wayne Roy McKim 4,084
  • Michael John Neal 2,397

  • Christina Fitts Rucker 7,023

  • James Bud Summers 6,030

Lexington Three

Three seats open

  • Billy Berry (I) 1,190
  • Frances K. Bouknight 1,811
  • Cheryl A Burgess (I) 1,475

  • William Eddie Cogdill 979
  • Gariane P. Gunter (I) 1,479

Lexington School District 4

Three seats open

  • Bradley “Brad” J. Frick (I) 1,603

  • Donna Franklin Goodwin 1,664

  • Viola Frances McDaniel 981

  • Zachary “Coach Zack” Smith (I) 1,541

  • Sadie Kirkland Wannamaker (I) 1,271

  • Robert B White II 798

Lexington-Richland School District 5

Two Lexington seats open

  • Ellen Baumgardner (I) 8,702
  • Jan Hammond (I) 11,084
  • Ken Loveless 10,122

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