Prisma Health absorbs competition, acquires major heart clinic

The Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group, a part of Prisma Health, is consolidating the Midlands cardiology market by acquiring one of its major competitors.

Fifteen cardiologists from Columbia Heart have been absorbed into Prisma Health’s Palmetto Health USC-Cardiology practice as of Tuesday, according to a news release. That will bring the practice to 85 physicians and advanced practice providers, it said.

The move consolidates the market for heart health care in the Midlands by moving Columbia Heart’s doctors under the umbrella of the largest health care system in the state. Prisma Health was formed in 2017 by the merger of Palmetto Health in the Midlands and the Greenville Health System.

“This new partnership is a significant milestone for health care in our community,” Kevin Boggs, chief operating executive of Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group, said in a news release. “As a result of this partnership, we will be able to expand our heart health services and streamline care for more patients. Our goal always is to provide the best care for those who need us right in our community. This expands our capacity to do that.”

The move is part of a greater consolidation of heath care services in the Midlands since the merger.

Prisma Health is racing to compete with Providence Hospital, which has long been recognized for its heart heath care.

Also, Lexington Medical Center is bolstering its ever-expanding maternity and delivery services by adding doctors from South Carolina OB/GYN Associates to its lineup. The nine obstetricians and gynecologists joined the hospital’s network Tuesday, bringing more than 50 years of care, hundreds of patients and about 800 yearly baby deliveries with them.

Columbia Heart already operated inside of Prisma Health’s heart hospital. But until now, its doctors and practice were independent of the hospital.

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