South Carolina

Secret Service impostor arrested in SC is a 17-year-old, deputies say

Thomason Michael Barrett Hand
Thomason Michael Barrett Hand

After a 17-year-old man spent the weekend impersonating a law enforcement officer across Greenville County, he finally had a run-in with the real deal, according to a statement from the local sheriff’s office.

Thomason Michael Barrett Hand was charged with four counts of impersonating a law enforcement officer after being arrested Sunday, according to the statement.

Hand traveled to four different locations in northern Greenville County over the weekend, flashing a badge and a handgun, according to the statement. He was also carrying handcuffs and a radio.

He identified himself as an officer or agent with the U.S. Secret Service and drove a silver Ford Explorer with a siren and working blue lights, according to the statement.

Deputies say Hand got all of the police gear from a relative who is currently a law enforcement officer, according to the statement. The relative was unaware that Hand took the gear.

Over the weekend, local law enforcement warned residents to keep a look out for the fake agent, warning them to “be cautious and aware.”

Hand was apprehended and taken to the Greenville County Detention Center, according to the statement. He paid a $4,000 bond and was released.

Excerpts from the Nov. 4 police interview with a former sheriff's deputy accused of impersonating an officer and pulling a gun on a Rock Hill woman and her son. The audio was played Thursday during Michael Caroselli's trial.