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How Dexter Lawrence responded to NFL teams asking about his failed drug test

Clemson’s Dexter Lawrence discusses the NFL draft process

Lawrence left for the NFL after his junior season at Clemson
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Lawrence left for the NFL after his junior season at Clemson

It is well known that potential NFL players get asked all kinds of strange questions when going through the NFL draft process.

The NFL combine in particular is a place where front office members from NFL teams ask players questions that on the surface do not seem to have anything to do with football.

But as former Clemson defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence was going through the NFL draft process there was no out of the ordinary question that stood out to him.

“Everybody’s just asked me about the PED stuff, but it’s whatever,” Lawrence said at Clemson’s Pro Day last month.

Lawrence was one of three Clemson players to test positive for ostarine prior to the College Football Playoff.

He was suspended for the Cotton Bowl against Notre Dame and the national championship game against Alabama. Lawrence insisted then that he had no idea how the ostarine got into his system, and that has been his message to NFL teams during the draft process as well.

“They talk about it but I just tell them the truth. That’s all I can do and just go on about our business pretty much,” Lawrence said. “I know I have to address it because it happened, you know. You can’t hide from it. It’s something that I’ve just got to deal with right now. I don’t like talking about it because it’s dumb and I didn’t do anything. It’s just whatever.”

Offensive lineman Zach Giella and tight end Braden Galloway also failed drug tests and are still with the Tigers. They participated in spring practice, which wrapped up earlier this month, as Clemson waits to find out if its appeal of the suspensions will be overturned.

Lawrence said it has been tough waiting to hear from Clemson about what could have led to the positive test.

“It’s very frustrating for me because something chemically in my body could’ve happened that I don’t know of,” he said. “It’s kind of annoying. I’m getting tired of it, really. It’s just stupid.”

Still, he was able to enjoy the NFL combine and other meetings with teams and is not letting all of the ostarine questions get him down.

“It’s like a business but a business I want to be a part of. I’m really active with it, just talking, being myself. I’m enjoying it right now. I can’t complain,” Lawrence said. “Just be yourself. Don’t be someone you’re not. If they like who you are then they like you. If they don’t then they don’t... Be honest is another key because they know everything already. There’s no point in sitting there and lying to them and to yourself. And just show them that you’re willing to compete and work.”


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