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One area where the Gamecocks football recruiting operation has to make do on gameday

South Carolina football seems to spare no expense on the recruiting side. The staff is robust. The people are talented. The plans and events for recruits have a lot of appeal and also educate families about what they’ll be doing on campus.

But there’s one place the Gamecocks are having to operate at less than peak efficiency — for now.

Over the Alabama weekend, the team had more than 100 prospects in town, with potentially close to 300 more joining them. During his weekly radio show, USC coach Will Muschamp said his recruiting staff is having to work around one thing. It allows them to show off a $50 million project but is a bit of a workaround just the same.

“We take them to our new facility,” Muschamp said. “We don’t really have a recruiting area right now since we’re redoing the south end of the stadium after the season. We’ve already started that project.

“But we do everything at our facility and then we get them over after Gamecock Walk and on the field and those sorts of things.”

The planned recruiting area will replace the old weight room on the south side of the stadium. There are plans for catering tables and a few other amenities in that area going forward.

“There are some gymnastics that go on with seeing recruits now (on game day) since we don’t have the facility to house them in the stadium,” Muschamp said in his Sunday teleconference. “That’s being worked on and certainly will be completed by next year and make it much nicer for us to have that entire facility to be able to house recruits there.”

But he added it was important to showcase the new facility to recruits as part of the visit process. The group in Saturday included five-star defensive end Jordan Burch, four-star defensive end Reggie Grimes, four star receiver Rico Powers and commits such as Luke Doty and Makius Scott.

In 2017, the school added a recruit gate on that side of the stadium.

Recruiting has been a central push for Muschamp since his opening press conference. By the 247Sports Composite rankings, his classes have come in at Nos. 21, 18 and 17 in the past three years.

That operation has expanded considerably. Matt Lindsey is the director of player personnel, helping facilitate the staff’s work and coordinate. Jessica Jackson is the director of on-campus recruiting, filling a laundry list of responsibilities, including running and coordinating every visit and becoming a den mother of sorts for each class.

In one season, the team will be able to use the new recruiting area in concert with the massive operations building, but for now, they’re doing the job with the other considerable resources they have.

“Matt Lindsey and his staff, Jessica Jackson, they do a fantastic job of managing all that,” Muschamp said.