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  • Scoppe: Mr Benjamin and his friends and the SC ethics law

    WHEN THE State Ethics Commission said Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin didn’t have to report going along on an $8,000 trip to Orlando courtesy of a developer who wanted to redevelop the city’s oldest public housing complex...

  • All eyes on Scotland, even from SC

    As Scotland weighs independence, Scotophiles in the Carolinas are weighing in, too. 1 hour ago

  • Three women robbed at gunpoint near USC campus

    Three women walking on the 1800 block of Greene Street Thursday night were held up by as many as three robbers with guns, they told Columbia Police.


Heading to Nashville for the Vandy game? Check out these places

The Gamecock Club is hosting events for USC fans in Vandy; but there’s even more to do in Music...

You have opinions, and we want them!

Who is the best hair stylist in Columbia? What's the best tapas restaurant? Antique shop? Check...