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A procrastinator’s guide to the 2018 SC governor’s race

Top left to right: Kevin Bryant, John Warren, Marguerite Willis, Henry McMaster
Bottom left to right: James Smith, Catherine Templeton, Phil Noble, Yancey McGill
Top left to right: Kevin Bryant, John Warren, Marguerite Willis, Henry McMaster Bottom left to right: James Smith, Catherine Templeton, Phil Noble, Yancey McGill bmarchant@thestate.com

We’re in the 11th hour of the S.C. governor’s race primaries, but maybe you slacked off on researching the candidates.

I’m not here to judge. Politics can be exhausting, misinformation is everywhere, and there are a lot of great shows on Netflix these days.

But if you’re just now deciding to study up before voting in South Carolina, here is a list of the candidates followed by a bunch of helpful links. (Polling places are open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday for the June 12 primaries and again for the June 26 runoffs.)


  • Gov. Henry McMaster

  • Greenville businessman John Warren

  • Mount Pleasant attorney Catherine Templeton

  • Lt. Gov. Kevin Bryant, R-Anderson

  • Former Lt. Gov. Yancey McGill, R-Kingstree


  • State Rep. James Smith, D-Richland

  • Florence attorney Marguerite Willis

  • Charleston business consultant Phil Noble

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Winthrop University and the League of Women Voters of South Carolina hosted a gubernatorial forum April 19, 2018. In this video, the six participating candidates weigh in on the current state of K-12 education.

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Though he wasn't elected, Henry McMaster was sworn in as Governor of South Carolina after former Gov. Nikki Haley became U.S. Ambassador of the UN. Here is what we know of McMaster's policies since he took office.

Gov. Henry McMaster

Profile: Thinking about voting for McMaster? Here’s what you should know about his vision for SC

SC Gov. McMaster goes head-to-head with GOP primary opponents for 1st time. Here’s how did

Gov. McMaster catching flak for skipping GOP debates, but he might be on to something

SCANA showered McMaster with campaign cash as nuclear hopes derailed

Henry McMaster unleashes Trump factor on SC governor’s race in new ad

Gov. McMaster to veto any deal that leaves SC power customers paying for VC Summer nuclear fiasco

Gov. McMaster says he would sign a bill to arm teachers

At a campaign stop in Rock Hill Wednesday morning, South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster focused on law enforcement and school safety. McMaster painted himself as the Donald Trump candidate of the gubernatorial race.

McMaster urges lawmakers to borrow up to $1 billion for road repairs

Gov. McMaster vetoes $20.5 million to replace aging SC school buses

SC Gov. McMaster wants pay raises for some state workers, tax cuts for all

Gov. McMaster wants police officers in every SC school. One big obstacle – money

Here’s SC Gov. Henry McMaster’s new running mate

In Haley country, SC Gov. McMaster fights to finish first this time with GOP voters

Gov. McMaster says top critic Templeton wanted to be his running mate

SC Gov. Henry McMaster is targeting GOP primary opponent Catherine Templeton for voting for a Democrat and supporting an anti-Trump group.

SC Gov. McMaster’s former political adviser was just indicted. Will that relationship dog his election hopes?

In first TV debate, GOP primary candidates tie Gov. McMaster to corruption

McMaster calls student walkout a ‘shameful’ political statement

Gov. McMaster says SC stands ‘at the dawn of a new prosperity’

Is SC's McMaster more like a 'governor 50 years ago?'

What we know about Gov. Henry McMaster

Gubernatorial candidate John Warren released a campaign ad criticizing political corruption and how Governor McMaster has handled the V.C. Summer nuclear fallout.

Greenville businessman John Warren

Profile: SC businessman eyes new acquisition: The Governor’s Mansion

SC gov hopeful Warren gives his campaign another $2.5 million, picks running mate

McMaster takes fire, Warren and Templeton jab at one another in final SC GOP debate

SC governor’s race hopeful Warren launches ads slamming ‘corrupt political insiders’

GOP candidate targets ‘sanctuary cities,’ ‘violent gangs’ in new ad

GOP governor hopeful says his rivals are tainted by nuclear cash

Phil Robertson looks to the bible when endorsing South Carolina's John Warren.

Duck call in SC governor’s race: Duck Dynasty star makes endorsement

Upstate SC businessman joins the GOP race for governor

Catherine Templeton is running for SC Governor as a self-proclaimed conservative political outsider. Here are some of the policies on her platform.

Mount Pleasant attorney Catherine Templeton

Profile: Like Nikki Haley? SC gov candidate Templeton hopes you’ll give her a chance

This GOP governor candidate’s ‘buzzsaw’ of state employees cost SC $1.2 million

No written record of Templeton’s consulting work, SC agencies say

She’s running for governor as a conservative ‘outsider.’ But she voted for a Democrat

Challenger Templeton has cash advantage over McMaster heading into SC gov primary

In GOP governor’s race debate, Templeton frames herself as Nikki Haley 2.0

A gun. A rattlesnake. A candidate for SC governor. Watch the latest campaign ad

This candidate running to be SC governor calls for return of firing squad

SC GOP gubernatorial hopeful took contract with state agency a day after quitting as its chief

She’s running for governor as a conservative ‘outsider.’ But she voted for a Democrat

SLED disputes Catherine Templeton’s claims she was told to carry a gun

The latest commercial in South Carolina's governor's race pushes back on accusations SC GOP candidate Catherine Templeton was fired from a state job.

‘Fired’ or ‘desperate’? Ad wars in SC governor’s race heat up

GOP’s Templeton Confederate roots, outsider status at Bob Jones University

GOP's Templeton would push taxpayer money to private, home schools in choice proposal

Al Sharpton ripped SC governor candidate on MSNBC. Here’s why

GOP’s Templeton said she will skip this big perk if elected SC governor

Fact-checking Templeton: Did Gov. McMaster OK SC’s ‘largest tax increase’?

SC politician speaks on proposed immigration registry and state money going to fund abortion providers

Lt. Gov. Kevin Bryant, R-Anderson

Profile: He’s a long shot for SC gov, but GOP firebrand Kevin Bryant says he defined the race

Bryant’s bill targets corrupt SC lawmakers, lobbyists who use their posts for profit

Lt. Gov. Bryant vows to block federal education mandates if elected SC governor

Kevin Bryant on immigration and abortion

Top SC Republicans aim to block tax money from abortion clinics

SC Lt. Governor weighs in on protests during national anthem

‘Underdog’ Lt. Gov. Bryant picks up gov’s race endorsement of Lexington senator

Lt. Gov. Bryant balances faith, politics in Bob Jones speech

GOP candidate for governor wants SC to have fewer school districts

Lt. Gov. Kevin Bryant hopes to become first SC governor from Upstate since Campbell

Another Republican joins SC governor’s race

Who is Kevin Bryant, SC’s next lieutenant governor?

Yancey McGill
Former Lt. Gov. Yancey McGill Tracy Glantz tglantz@thestate.com

Former Lt. Gov. Yancey McGill, R-Kingstree

Profile: Ex-Democrat. No money. Can he win the GOP nomination for governor?

Seniors shouldn’t have to pay this tax, SC governor candidate says

SC supports me for governor, McGill says

Underdog in GOP race for governor falls further behind

Former Lt. Gov. Mcgill running for governor as a Republican

Democratic gubernatorial candidates James Smith, Marguerite Willis and Phil Noble debated at Clemson University on May 24.


Gubernatorial candidate Jame Smith released a new campaign ad talking about health care and Medicaid expansion.

State Rep. James Smith, D-Richland

Profile: James Smith is seen as the Democrats’ best hope. But can he survive the SC primary?

SC Democratic gov candidate James Smith joins call for ban on assault-style weapons

Why this SC teachers’ group is making its choice known in the governor’s race

James Smith gets SC governor’s race endorsement from Planned Parenthood group

Can Clyburn, black SC leaders push James Smith to a governor’s race victory?

Here’s who Joe Biden is backing in the SC governor’s race

Conservation Voters backs Smith for governor

In bid for SC governor, Smith touts better teacher pay, new state energy policy

South Carolina gubernatorial candidate James Smith announced during a Friday afternoon campaign stop that he will share the ticket with Lancaster Rep. Mandy Powers Norrell.

Would new solar law save customers money? Boosters say yes, but utilities skeptical

Fired nuclear construction workers crash State House

‘We deserve better:’ Democrat Smith counters Gov. McMaster’s State of State speech

Democrats finally have a candidate for SC governor

After risking their lives for US, they are tangled in Trump’s travel limbo

Gubernatorial candidate Marguerite Willis created a campaign ad bashing Donald Trump, calling him the 'worst kind of racist' April, 2018.

Florence attorney Marguerite Willis

Profile: Democrat was shaken by Trump’s win, so she decided to shake up SC governor’s race

Tempers flare up at forum between candidates for SC governor

Her husband came up short in SC governor’s race. She’s hoping she can do better

Attacks fly in final Democratic race debate for SC governor

SC candidate for governor adds Richland senator to ticket as her running mate

In Upstate debate, Democrats endorse pay raises for state workers

‘Trump is a racist,’ SC candidate says in new video

Columbia attorney ‘considering’ a run for SC governor

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Noble introduced Dr. Gloria Bromell Tinubu as his running mate in the 2018 South Carolina election.

Charleston business consultant Phil Noble

Profile: Will this Democrat’s populist message turn the SC State House ‘right side up’?

Fire teachers? Register mothers? What this SC Democrat would do as governor

Charleston’s Phil Noble chooses running mate in the Democratic race for SC governor

SC candidate for governor is days late, dollars short in cash race

SC governor candidate tries to recall rogue ‘massacre in Gaza’ email

Not all SC Democrats happy with who is giving party’s State of the State response

Phil Noble looks to Kennedy legacy for SC governor’s race endorsement

Second Democrat enters 2018 governor’s race

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